10 September 2023

Easy Mattress Size Guide Malaysia: Single vs Super Single size / Queen vs King size (2023)

Discover the ideal bed size to boost your mattress comfort and harmonize the bedroom layout

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When it comes to choosing a mattress, finding the right size is essential for how you sleep, and who you will share your bed with. Standard bed sizes typically differ in width but maintain a length of around 190cm - except for special sizes!

There is an ascending order of mattress sizes available in Malaysia, each designed to suit different needs and bedroom dimensions.

A couple looking distressed in a cramped room because the bed size was too big and did not fit the living arrangment

They definitely have the wrong mattress size, don't they?

We're fortunate in Malaysia to have more spacious living arrangements compared to metropolitan areas like Hong Kong or Japan, where Single-sized beds are the norm.

For Boarding Schools / Children Bedrooms

Single size

91cm x 190cm

Perfect for smaller spaces. With dimensions of approximately 91cm x 190cm the Single mattress provides enough room for one person to sleep comfortably but it may be a bit tight for those who tend to move around a lot while asleep. Sharing this bed with a partner might be a tight squeeze, a small cat or dog will fit in more easily.

Sporst Red Grow mattress in single size in a stylish children room

Sporst Red Grow in Single Size (91cm x 190cm)

For Guest Room / Airbnb

Super Single size

107cm x 190cm

The Super Single mattress, measuring around
107cm x 190cm offers a bit more width space compared to the Single. Ideal for teenagers or single adults who desire some extra space in their mattress (without compromising too much bedroom space).

Single vs Super Single Mattress Size

91cm x 190cm


106cm x 190cm

As the width of the mattress increases, you'll notice a more pronounced feel of its internal components. This is because your weight is distributed more evenly around the mattress, allowing you to feel how each layer responds.


Super Single

Sporst Red Light mattress is queen size in a modern bedroom

Sporst Red Light in Queen size (152cm x 190cm)

For Couples / Pet Owners (POPULAR CHOICE)

Queen size

152cm x 190cm

Great for almost any living arrangement. Approximately 152cm x 190cm the Queen size is a popular choice for couples or individuals who have room to grow. It provides more than ample space to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped.

Most bedframes are actually manufactured based on the Queen size layout first before exploring alternative sizes.

For Master Bedrooms / A Growing Family

King size

182cm x 190cm

For those who crave extra space and luxury, the King mattress is the perfect option. With dimensions of 182cm x 190cm the King size mattress offers generous room for couples or individuals who prefer more space to spread out.

This extra width can make a significant difference in the comfort of a true personal sleeping experience.

Eight people and two pets all sleeping together in the same bed

This family certainly knows how to use every inch of a mattress

Queen vs King Mattress Size

152cm x 190cm


182cm x 190cm

Largely depending on personal preference and available bedroom space, the Queen size is more versatile and suitable for most living arrangements - which wins this contest. In contrast, the extra comfort of the King size is usually not fully justified by its size which is often too large.



Whether it's the Single for compact spaces, Super Single for extra room, Queen for couples, or King for luxurious comfort - sleep is better enjoyed on a mattress that fits your current life chapter.

Are there any specialty mattress sizes available?

In addition to the popular Malaysian standard sizes mentioned above, overseas mattress brands such as Saatva or Brooklyn Bedding do offer specialty sizes like Twin XL, Full, and California King - these sizes cater to their customers' needs, such as taller individuals (Twin XL), those desiring a wider single bed (Full), or those seeking a longer and narrower option (California King).

Tiny Bed walking rightwards

SweetDream provides a Tiny Bed Tailor service that can customize our mattress to your size requirements (we cannot do a 380cm x 220cm bed - please stop asking).

Bonus Extra

Mattress Height

Does it matter?

4" to 7"

Mattress height, along with size plays a crucial role in your quality of sleep. The thinnest mattress (to be identified as one) is four inches. Generally, thinner mattresses, around 4" to 6" provides firmer support and is beneficial for those who seek a more solid sleeping surface. These mattresses are also more affordable and lightweight. However, they have a difficult time providing motion isolation or layered comfort as only a select number of components can fit. They also have a limited variety as it is not one of the more common mattress heights.

8" to 12"

Moving up the scale to 8" to 10" a mattress gains in comfort, providing a more able experience for comfort layers and components. These mid-range heights are favored by a wide range of sleepers around the world.

13" & above

For those desiring the luxury in their sleep, 12" and above mattresses are often layered with premium materials for a truly lavish sleep experience. The height of a mattress directly influences the comfort and feel of a mattress.

An asian man working on a bed with a laptop stand doing an online meeting

REMINDER: Your bed is a place to do many things. A bigger size also means more activities!

Tiny Bed confused on all the mattress sizes

Key Takeaways

  • The size of a mattress plays a crucial role in how well you can feel the comfort of the mattress.
  • Wider mattresses distribute weight more evenly and allows each mattress internal component to function more independently.
  • Single, Super Single, Queen, and King are all standard mattress sizes available in Malaysia. The new Super King mattress size is also rising in popularity in more suburban areas.
  • Choosing a mattress size largely depends on the space you have available. The difference between the sizes will afford more comfort, longevity, and bed-sharing.
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Mac Chew

10 September 2023