14 March 2022

Bed Intruders: From Dust Mites to Viruses - What's Lurking in Your Bed?

Bed bugs, dustmites, and beyond

It is easy to assume that bedbugs are responsible for all the itchy bite marks you found in your body in the morning, however there are more sinister organisms at play, here is a rundown of the types of bed pests that might have crawled unsuspected in your mattresses.

Pests called dust mites tend to be visible to the human eye, they are typically found in mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets, and curtains and thrive in humid, warm environments. They consume dead skin, pet dander, pollen, and germs as food. While the vast majority are unaffected by their presence, dust mites and their droppings may build up to the point where they cause allergies and asthma attacks in certain individuals.

Mattresses are rarely susceptible to flea infestations, most of the time, these bugs will remain on your pet’s head unless they, which you let him or her share alongside you on your mattress. If you do not wash and change your bedding for an extended period, fleas might settle in your bed and eat on both you and your pet. They may readily spread around your home, particularly onto your rugs, pillows, and carpets.

Carpet beetles are another creepy crawlies that may be found hiding in our mattresses. While they are occasionally confused with bedbugs, they have visibly unique wings that set them apart. They also do not consume human blood, preferring to consume wool, fur, silk, leather, and other animal-based materials.

Identifying and exterminating what are the type of bed pests are out there will help maintaining a more hygienic and disturbance free sleep which is essential in our daily life.