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From baby crib to rocking chair

Pair your life chapter
with a matching bed

Life-tailored beds, Sustainable pillows, and Warm duvets - Malaysia's No. 1 sleep partner.

All-inclusive Delivery

From bed factory to your bedroom - with complimentary bedframe setup.

Price Match

Get the truest price on our sleep products. Matched daily with our retailers.

Exchange Guarantee

Complimentary exchange for your purchase within 30 days upon delivery.

Planet Practices

Recycle your old mattress with SweetDream. Net zero by the year 2035.

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Sleeping hot wakes you up. Beat the 40ºC Malaysian heat

Cool your body 3ºC cooler than your bedroom temperature.

• High water vapor permeability

• Fast thermal conductivity

• Long-lasting cooling effect

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RM155 / month

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Reduce the ever-growing landfill in Malaysia. Let the planet sleep, like we do.

Our new 2023 Hotel Microfiber Pillow is now made with organic cotton, and longer-lasting fibres.

• Premium sustainable microfibers

• Made with 20% recyclable materials

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Meet our Sweet Sleepers

What's your current life chapter? Match it with amazing sleep from us, and sweet dreams by you.

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Brandon Chew


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Edwin Thiang

IRONMAN Triathlete | National Champion

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Eureka Art Studio

Artist | Designer

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Nor Amirah Syamimi

Traveller | Digital Creator

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Chan Fong

Radio Host | Lifestyle Personality

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Chris MJ

TV Host | Emcee | Content Creator

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Deborah Henry

Social Entrepreneur | Model

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Datuk Seri Dr Erwan Tahir

Entrepreneur | Businessman

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Content Creator | Model

Sleep Fact #8

A consistent sleep schedule is more likely to help you feel more well-rested during the day by up to 1.5x times

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Sleep for Education

5% of profits from the online store go to Fugee school.

Educate a child, inspire a dream generation.

*No additional charge to our customers

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Deborah Henry

Fugee Founder

SweetDream Home Experience Centre