Get your mattress repaired

Rated as one of Malaysia's simplest mattress warranty procedure.

1,824 Nights of sweet dreams
Covered by a 5 year warranty, from the date of delivery and collection
Easily register your warranty
Register warranty once SweetDream delivers your mattress to your home. Follow instructions in the warranty card provided.
Claim your warranty in a few steps
Enjoy quick responses from our warranty team. We will guide you through the warranty process from transport charges to mattress repair pictures.
From RM5/night
Sending your mattress to repair means sleepless nights. Easily get a temporary mattress for rent while we fix yours. Rentals are capped at RM70 per our promised warranty period (2 weeks).

Pictured: Chandran (left) and Anbu (right) who are always a big help to our warranty delivery & logistics team.