Home Polyester Bolster in packaging and without in front of a white background
Home Polyester Bolster front view (left side) with poster and sticker visible
Packaged Home Polyester Bolster behind an unpackaged Home Polyester Bolster
Unpackaged Home Polyester Bolster on a white mattress whole view
Home Polyester Bolster slanting on an unpackaged Home Polyester Bolster
A pair of unpackaged Home Polyester Bolsters slanting on each other
Home Polyester Bolster in packaging positioned with a perspective angle including light and shadows

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Enjoy awesome pillow fights and restful nights. Fluffed up for great insulation and shape-holding properties, the SweetDream Polyester bolster has optimum support and durability.
Internal structure skeleton of Home Polyfill Bolster

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