Hotel Microfiber Pillow in packaging front view in white background
Close up of 2 Hotel Microfibre Pillows one in packaging and the other unpackaged
Close up of microfibre pillow corner showing the labels and tag
Hotel Microfiber Pillow in pillow sheet placed in a baby blue bedroom and mattress
Hotel Microfiber Pillow reused as a laundry bag
Front view of Hotel Microfiber pillow on a white mattress
2 Hotel Microfiber Pillows unpackaged on top of each other

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Cloudy comfort with a light and airy sleeping surface. Discover cloud-like soft microfibre in the pillow that help lift your spirits and make fluffing the pillow a hobby. You may also machine wash the pillow, making it wonderfully easy to clean and take care of.
Internal structure skeleton of Hotel Microfiber Pillow

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