SweetDream is committed to reach net zero commissions by 2035

with science-based targets. To cushion the future of sleep.

Where we are / as of 2023


of mattress waste diverted from landfills with our trade-in program


New Our products with the new Net Zero label are now made with 20% recycled materials

200 kilograms

of reclaimed mattress components collected every month


New Selected mattress now use planet foam transition layers made from 100% recycled foams.

500 gallons of water saved

with every mattress refurbishment service appointment


New rPET plastic fibre duvets will be introduced to our 2023 product line as the Bottle Duvet.

Mattress landfill in Malaysia

More than 80% of a used mattress' components can be recycled

A lot of disposed mattresses in a landfill

Malaysians throw away an estimated 5 million beds every year

Climate Change in Kuala Lumpur

SweetDream products mitigate the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.



Hottest recorded temperature

October 2019



Heaviest rainfall flood

December 2021

Goals / how we make a change


Eliminate Sleep Waste

Sleep product waste is in a unique position to be repurposed thanks to the nature of components. We develop the infrastructure to allow efficient upcycling.

By 2028


Lower Impact Products

Making our products take a lot of water and energy. We choose more organic materials, smart repurposing methods, and energy-saving alternatives.

By 2030


Complete the Circle

Each mattress component can have a huge number of different applications. Redesigning 'waste' material for new less resource intensive uses.

By 2035

SweetDream team sitting down in a forestSweetDream team planting trees with water pails

Every night matters / on the impact of our planet

We can't make this huge change without you. Our loyal customers who have been coming back to us for years are the strong motivation we need to continue providing quality in everything we do now, and the future.

The planet we live on should also benefit from the amazing products we offer

By revolutionizing the components we use in our products, the processes to produce them and through a new vision of a truly circular economy, we can work together to turn the clock on climate change.

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Tan Kai Hoe