Designs from local artists

SweetDream is all about getting you through the day. One way of achieving this, is by incorporating smart & expressive designs in all our products. We believe better design allows our customers to enjoy SweetDream sleeping products more.

We commission local Malaysian artists to provide their unique take on our design inspirations. 

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SweetDreamers Club Mailing List

We send our new SweetDream customers welcome letters & postcards to share the joy of new sleeping experiences. 

This particular postcard is designed by the talented Sunita Soh. We chose snail mail because we've been operating since 1978 and in the modern day, we still love keeping some traditions alive.

Are you an artist or have an artist friend? Reach out to collaborate with us.

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Free Delivery

Our customers should focus on all aspects of our mattress itself. Therefore, we do our best to take care of the before & after. You will get free SweetDream delivery whenever it is possible to do so.

We prioritise the use of our own SweetDream delivery fleet but under certain restrictive circumstances, we work with J&T, Skynet for delivery.

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SweetDream delivery fleet

To ensure on-time deliveries and our promise of professional SweetDream service, we deliver our mattresses with our own delivery fleet. This is also how we are able to provide recycling pick-up services, trade-ins, and room-to-room delivery.

Our delivery drivers are experienced workers that joined the mattress industry for their love of heavy-lifting. 

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Sustainable packaging

The need for sustainable initiatives is constantly on the rise. Individuals, companies, and governments are in a unique position to work together & curb global warming.

At SweetDream, we are innovating new ways to ensure our packaging is more sustainable than ever. 

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Sustainable packaging ideas

As of now, we are reinventing the uses of our pacakaging to ensure repeat uses.

On our sights, we have plans for smarter packaging, renewable energy powered manufacturing, more ethical sourcing, and better efficiency when recycling mattresses, pillows, and various sleep products.

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