Love sleeping? Get paid to sleep in & dream big

What dreams may come
(with amazing sleep)

We are looking for the biggest dreamer to sleep & dream on a SweetDream mattress. You heard that right, we pay you (RM3,200) to be in bed. Contrary to popular belief, it's actually hard work!

The pandemic has been a difficult time, with the line between work and home blurring. To better understand new sleeping habits and changes in our vivid dreams, we are employing your help to venture into the brand-new sleep landscape.

With the gathered results over 90 nights, we hope to discover new habits that can promote more restful sleep.

Closing Date
Start Date End Date
24 September 2021 Mid October 90 nights later

You will be provided a sleep & dream journal to complete

Ideal requirements:

  • Sleep continuously for 8 hours every night
  • Journal your dreams while you still remember it (the more vivid & detailed, the better)
  • Make a habit to post your sleep/dream journey on social media
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Job location:

Your own home, in your preferred room

Additional Information:

You may keep the provided SweetDream mattress & sleep accessories even after the job!

SweetDream Sleep Gear to receive (worth RM3,599)

Get the best equipment for your sleep & dream journey

Legend Bronze
YY (Queen) x1
Hotel Microfiber
Pillow x2
Spa Hygienic
Bolster x1

Are you confident you have what it takes to become SweetDream's next Dream Journalist? We want you! 

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