Synthetic Latex Bolster

Synthetic Latex Bolster

Designed with 100% synthetic latex foam, this bolster features millions of tiny air cells that provide maximum air ventilation & circulation. This allows the bolster to stay fresh, cooling and comfortable for you always. More details

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No Warranty.

Bolster Size
(width 90cm x diameter 26cm)

Thickness: 26cm
Outer fabric: Polyester Fabric
Filling: 100% Synthetic Latex Foam

Synthetic Latex Bolster should not be washed using washing machines and dryers.It is important to note never to soak these pillows in water nor expose it to direct sunlight. This type of pillows should only be hand washed and never wring, stretch, twist or scrunch them. Here are steps to follow:

  1. Remove pillow case (may be hand-washed or machine-washed)
  2. Fill container or sink with warm water
  3. Add mild detergent
  4. Soak a clean towel in the mixture and wring dry
  5. Blot the pillow with the cloth, paying more attention on stains
  6. After blotting, place fresh towels on both sides of the pillow and press excess moisture
  7. Air dry flat and away from direct sunlight
  8. Cover your latex pillow with clean pillow case