Microfiber Pillow


Microfiber Pillow

Experience true comfort when you lay your head down on this luxurious cloud-like pillow. Constructed to be light with a littel bounce, it feels exceptionally airy without compromising support. More details

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No Warranty.

Pillow Size
width 70cm x length 40cm x Thickness 18cm

Firmness: Soft.
Thickness: 18cm.
Top Fabric: Polyester Fabric / Black pipping.
Filling: 100% Microfiber.
A soft, easy-care pillow with polyester fabric.
Suitable side or back sleeper.

Microfiber Pillow
Just place your microfiber pillow in the wash bag. It is important to wash these delicate items by themselves on the gentlest cycle possible. Make sure you use cold water only and increase the amount of fabric softener you use.

Once the washing cycle is complete after the spin dry, you should carefully take the pillow and shake it out. You might want to punch the pillow to dislodge any clumps inside.

The dryer should be set on low to medium heat. Stop the dryer every 15 minutes and re-fluff the pillows by hand. It will take longer than a normal load to get the pillows completely dry.

It is a good idea to pick a sunny, breezy day to wash microfiber-filled pillows so that you can put them outside in the sun for a final dry. You must make sure that the area is warm enough to completely dry them. You don’t want mold growing inside.