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Love discounts? Use 'STAYHOME25' to get a 25% discount on all non-promotional products
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The SweetDream Warranty

Making it easy to keep your mattress in original & premium condition


SweetDream mattresses are covered by a 5 year warranty, from the date of delivery and collection. This warranty is not transferable and covers only the original purchaser who continues to be the owner of the product.

The warranty is to cover you from manufacturing defects borne from SweetDream (structural or manufacturing in nature, including physical flaws in mattress causing the foam materials to split or crack).

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Warranty process

Claiming your warranty, from start to finish

Please register your warranty once you receive your SweetDream mattress. In the unlikely event that your mattress has a manufacturing defect, we will work closely with you to solve it.

With your cooperation, we will conduct an evaluation to examine if the mattress is covered under warranty. We will then, after our intensive review, either send the defective mattress for repairs or replace it with the same or a comparable mattress.

Repaired or replaced mattresses are subject to the same warranty period as the original mattress within the 5 year period. Meaning, if in Year 2 you claim a warranty, the repaired/replaced mattress has 3 years of warranty remaining.

Additional charges

To start the warranty process, the cost of transportation for repair or replacement is to be borne by you. However, if the inspection results in a manufacturing defect 100% from SweetDream, the cost of repair or replacement will be reimbursed to you and ultimately borne by SweetDream.

After receiving transporation payment, we will arrange to collect the defective mattress and arrange a redelivery of the new mattress within a timely manner subjected to the delivery location.


within Klang Valley


within East Malaysia

Warranty exclusions

Goods or scenarios that are not covered under the SweetDream warranty is as follows

  • Used inappropriately, abused, misused, mishandled, altered or cleaned improperly
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Consequential or incidental damages
  • Goods that have been placed outdoors, under direct sunlight, or used for non-domestic purposes
  • Goods deemed unsuitable for users’ intended purpose
  • Individual comfort preferences such a firmness, texture and feel
  • Soiling, burns, dampness, wetness, mold or discoloration that occur over time


When does a warranty become void?

Under the following circumstances, if discovered upon inspection, will void your warranty

  • Physical abuse or damage to the mattress
  • Unsanitary condition burns improper location of use or storage of the mattress
  • Removal of the attached mattress labels
  • Attempting to clean/cleaning the mattress in an inappropriate manner
Register your warranty
Claim your warranty