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Love discounts? Use 'STAYHOME25' to get a 25% discount on all non-promotional products
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SweetDream 30 nights trials

Our mattresses are designed to be “break in" from Day 1 of delivery. This is possible with the high quality materials and experience we use when crafting our mattresses (also because we don't pack our mattress into a tight box, constricting the mattress materials!)

Each mattress is ready to conform to your body and needs minimum time to adjust once unpacked. So, enjoy your new SweetDream mattress & take 30 days to really feel the mattress from top-to-bottom. Like a pair of new shoes, it may feel different from your old mattress but it's true feel will show over time.

Only 30 nights?
Why not 99 nights or more...

You might be wondering why we chose 30 nights instead of 99, 100, or 120 nights. It's simply to be more sustainable.

Within 30 nights, the mattress materials will start adjusting to your unique body and feel completely different from a brand new mattress.

After 99 nights & more, any mattress returns must be re-purposed because the materials inside have broken down to conform to your body shape! 
That's why we chose 30 nights. To ensure you have enough time to try the mattress, and be able to recycle the mattress if you decide a SweetDream mattress doesn't satisfy your needs.

How does it work?

Within 30 days of purchase & delivery, if you are not completely satisfied with your SweetDream mattress, send us an email and we'll arrange for your mattress to be picked up.

Your total payment when purchasing from SweetDream Malaysia will be 80% refunded. Please note you will have to wait 14 days after receiving your mattress before you can initiate a Return request.

Your body needs ample time to adjust to a new mattress & we recommend for you to try at least 14 days before initiating a return.


Email us at to initiate your return within your 30 nights trial.

In West Malaysia, we'll arrange your return pick up for free. In East Malaysia, we'll get you to ship the mattress back to our nearest return warehouse. Once that's done, you will be 80% refunded in the form of your original payment method.

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