Aquamarine (King)
Aquamarine (King)

Aquamarine (King)

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Sizes Available: King (180cm x 200cm x 20cm)


All Foam, Double comfort layer 

Designed to mimic the soft seabed and flowing sea, the Aquamarine mattress delivers an all foam sound sleep.


  • Unique Bungee Fabric that is ultra stretchable, long-lasting, and breathable.


  • Ultimate body contouring and perfect posture alignment. Orthopedically designed provide the excellent backcare support.
  • Visco Elastic VPF Rubbery-Tech™ with 76mm (Top layer)
  • VPF Rubbery-Tech™ with 135mm (Bottom layer)
  • 7 targeted support zones every single part of body for those who want the ultimate pillow body impression as well as pressure relief surface by not compromising therapeutic support.

Comes with 5 year warranty and lifelong SweetDream Support