Swim Well Sleep Well

Swimming is one of the best exercises on the planet. It's an all-rounded exercise from head to toe. While swimming your heart rate increases, which gives your cardiovascular system a chance to improve. It is a critical system that transports blood which supplies oxygen and nutrients throughout our body.

And the best part is that swimming puts no impact and stress on your joints as the water buoyancy takes care of your body, just like how a good mattress takes care of your body while sleeping at night. 

Swim Well 🏊🏼‍♂️ Sleep Well! 😴

SweetDream will be selecting 8 swimmers to experience swimming freestyle effortlessly, for free.  To stand a chance to win, follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Sign up as a SweetDream Member at https://sweetdream.com.my/account/register

Step 2: Submit this entry form http://forms.gle/fpoZLPcq6JqhBCiP7

Step 3: Like& Share this post; tag @SweetDreamMsia @MySwimCoaching

Closing date for entry is 14 May 2021

Tan Kai Hoe
Sleep Coach

Shauqie Aziz
Swim Coach

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